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Earn your Master of Science in Accounting while receiving credits toward those required to prepare for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam and the Certified Management Accountant (CMA) exam requirements. With this online program, you’ll learn from and network with an expert faculty that teaches innovative courses like forensic accounting, advanced audit and tax, and contemporary and emerging issues.

In addition, Saint Mary’s Accelerators – online graduate certificates – now include the Accounting Leadership certificate. The curriculum for this certificate focuses on providing students with the ability to articulate processes for making ethical decisions in the workforce. This program gives students the opportunity to learn from a supportive faculty and grow leadership skills needed to streamline their career goals.

No matter what stage of your career you’re in, “what was” isn’t as important as “what’s next.” The esteemed faculty of Saint Mary’s is forward-thinking in developing curricula that give you the skills to compete in today’s workforce and excel in tomorrow’s.

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A Professionally Developed Curriculum

Developed in collaboration with Certified Public Accountant (CPA) partners and Chief Financial Officers (CFO), the program goes beyond a mastery of core quantitative abilities and focuses on the skills required for advanced managerial roles such as communication, ethical leadership, and strategic management.

Preview just a few of the courses in the online M.S. in Accounting program:

ACCT 680 Contemporary and Emerging Issues

This course identifies developing areas in accounting and encourages students to research the issues, think critically, evaluate alternatives and communicate conclusions orally and in writing. The course addresses the role of the contemporary accountant, international accounting standards, the future of the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB), standard setting and regulation, ethics and other developing issues.

ACCT 600 Financial Communication

Gain an understanding of how accounting and other information necessary to assess a firm’s economic status is created, packaged and disseminated to a company’s management team and external users such as investors, customers, analysts and the financial media.

ACCT 650 Forensic Accounting and Fraud Analysis

Examine fraud schemes and address fraudulent financial reporting, misappropriation of assets, and corruption. In this course, you’ll learn how to develop evidence to support a fraud case through litigation assist and expert testimony techniques.

ACCT 660 Strategic Management Accounting

Explore cost accounting as a source of data for measuring and improving the economic condition of the business. Topics include strategic planning and control, cost analysis, overhead allocation and financial statement analysis.

Try Before you Buy with Saint Mary’s Accelerator Graduate Certificates

With many certificate options available, take the opportunity to get ahead and advance in your career. Saint Mary’s Accelerators – online graduate certificates – now include the Accounting Leadership certificate. This program will introduce students to concepts and ideas that will teach skills such as assessing emerging and global accounting issues that can contribute to organizational success, as well as leadership skills that will increase the chances of management-level advancement opportunities.

Saint Mary’s Accelerator Graduate Certificates were created to provide graduate-level and transcribable courses of study to streamline their educational and career goals. Students can use the skills they learn in a graduate certificate program to design a custom learning experience. Students who chose an accelerator will earn a digital badge for each class within the certificate program, along with a badge for completing the entire four-course certificate. Digital badges are a graphic representation of achievement after successfully completing a specific course or graduate certificate program. They allow students to verify and visually showcase specific leadership knowledge and skillsets they’ve gained through each of Saint Mary’s certificate programs for current and potential employers, credentialing programs, admissions offices, as well as with other colleagues.

Online Convenience, On Point Outcomes

Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota is committed to providing excellence in education beyond the borders of the campus. You want to excel in your profession and to maximize your career, all while maintaining family and work responsibilities. Saint Mary’s online programs are offered in an easy-to-use format that allows for flexible scheduling and provides you with leading-edge knowledge and valuable credentials.

A Prosperous Career in Steady Demand

CPA starting salaries are generally at least 10-15% higher than non-CPA accountants. Salary differentials may be even higher for positions in public accounting firms. Over the course of a career, the average CPA will earn $1 million more that counterparts without CPA designations.1 Employment for accountants and auditors is projected to grow 7 percent from 2020 to 2030.2

Median Income for Accounting Professions

  • Accountant/Auditor $73,5602
  • Budget Analyst $78,9703
  • Financial Manager $134,1804
  • Financial Analyst $83,6605

Enriched by the Lasallian Catholic heritage, Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota awakens, nurtures, and empowers learners to ethical lives of service and leadership. The Saint Mary’s community, together and by association, is dedicated to quality, diversity, accessibility, social justice, and sound stewardship in all its endeavors.

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