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Redefine How Students Learn, Connect and Succeed.

The online Master of Education in Learning Design and Technology from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota pairs technological insights with groundbreaking research, so you can craft educational solutions for diverse learners. Transform education by using instructional technology as a mind tool to enable learning, redefine instruction, and create individualized learning.

This progressive program was designed by education leaders in partnership with Apple Inc. to prepare you to initiate organization-wide change and continuous improvement. With an emphasis on the creativity in learning, this program gives you the tools and knowledge to create compelling technology-enriched curricula and materials.

Enhance Your Skills Through Certifications

Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota offers two 15-credit graduate certificate options: the Critical, Creative, and Design Thinking certificate and the Teaching, Training, and Leading with Technology certificate. Both can be taken as stand-alone certificate tracks, or the courses taken in them can be applied toward the online Master of Education in Learning Design and Technology. Both certificate programs explore unique and innovative approaches to improving the learning processes and experiences of students.

Learn a human-centered design process while exploring how creativity and critical thinking skills are developed. Use design thinking to strategically address real-world problems in your own setting while tapping into the power of innovation, ideation, perspective taking, empathy, and creativity.

Master the creation and leadership of technology-enhanced learning experiences by exploring and applying the tools, dispositions, and strategies that foster engagement and deep learning. Learn a myriad of tools, but more importantly, learn how to keep learning in a field that changes constantly.

“Despite my hesitation, I took a leap of faith and applied to the M.Ed. in Learning Design and Technology program at Saint Mary’s. I am happy to say that I’ve been introduced to techniques and technology that I have added to my skillset. Many of the techniques, tools, and technology pieces that I am using now have become ‘second nature’ since I have used them for almost nine months in the program. A great reminder that if I can work with new tools and technologies, middle school students can too.”

-Sandra Slinde, Saint Mary’s online MELDT student, expected graduation December 2022

Enriched by the Lasallian Catholic heritage, Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota awakens, nurtures, and empowers learners to ethical lives of service and leadership. The Saint Mary’s community, together and by association, is dedicated to quality, diversity, accessibility, social justice, and sound stewardship in all its endeavors.

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Online Convenience, On Point Outcomes

Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota is committed to providing excellence in education beyond the borders of the campus. You want to excel in your profession and to maximize your career, all while maintaining family and work responsibilities. Saint Mary’s online programs are offered in an easy-to-use format that allows for flexible scheduling and provides you with leading-edge knowledge and valuable credentials.

Redefine Instruction and Learning Models

The online M.Ed. in Learning Design and Technology program is designed to help you nurture the spirit of learners by bringing technology and elements like exploration and creativity into your organization. This innovative program offers courses that teach educators and trainers how to connect with their learners in a more digitally savvy way, all while developing themselves as an educator. The master’s program promotes a culture of learning and encouragement to seek out new ideas to become a force for positive change.

The program consists of 30 credits (10 courses), and typically takes no more than 20 months to complete. Preview just a few of the courses in the online program:

LDT602 – Investigations of Learning and Teaching

Explore how to re-invigorate yourself and your teaching by developing research skills and habits to contribute to your success as a learner and professional. The course focuses on research-based rationale and study of the selection and utilization of technologies for designing, implementing, or evaluating instruction.

LDT612 – How Learning Occurs

Examine the social, physical, and psychological conditions to optimize learning and ignite creativity. Explore ideas and contexts to create and sustain deep learning while exploring theories and practices to bring meaning to learning via collaboration, intention, and the use of technology as a mind tool to enable learning that could not happen in any other way.

LDT620 – Designs for Learning

Meld an understanding of how learning occurs with content knowledge, pedagogical knowledge, technological knowledge, and design principles to create meaningful learning opportunities for students. Use a design process to integrate and optimize enduring and conceptual understandings, assessment practices, and instructional strategies.

LDT640 – Rethinking Education

Analyze educational institutions and expectations to foster policy and systemic changes. Evaluate change processes to engage colleagues and the school community in educational innovation. The role of an ethical educational leader in a school community is explored. Relevant trends from arenas such as the arts, science, or business enrich the possible approaches.

Engage More. Earn More.

As your learners succeed, you’ll earn more: 88 percent of major U.S. school districts provide a higher salary for teachers with a master’s degree1 while salaries for learning designers and technologists are even higher, with a bright and growing career outlook.

Median Annual Salaries with an M.Ed.

  • Instruction Coordinator/Designer $66,9702
  • Training and Development Manager $115,6403
  • Elementary and Kindergarten Teacher* $60,6604
  • Middle School Teacher* $60,8105
  • High School Teacher* $62,8706
  • K-12 Administrator* $98,4907

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*Professional licensure typically required for this position. This program is not intended to lead to a professional license or certification in any state.