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M.A. in Organizational Leadership and Certificate Programs

Complete your entire master’s program in 24 months.

Lead, motivate, and inspire your organization’s employees with the Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota online Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership. You’ll gain the advanced critical thinking skills needed to address situations in the workplace, master strategic leadership, and position your organization and career for continued success.


We also offer six graduate certificates designed for professionals ready to accelerate their careers with an affordable credential. These 12-credit graduate certificate options can be taken alone or applied toward the online M.A. in Organizational Leadership degree. Choose the certificate that aligns with your goals and gain specialized skills for continued success.


Certificate options include:

  • Finance
  • Healthcare Administration
  • Human Resource Management
  • International Development
  • Nonprofit Management
  • Project Management

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GEORGE DIAZ: The Masters in Organizational Leadership program is a holistic approach to leadership-- looking at leadership from different aspects, from the personal, to the group level, to the organizational. We focus on qualitative aspects and building leaders from where they're at and enhancing their skills.


ANDREW SARATA: To really be able to transform people and really develop people was something that was important to me coming into the program.


ANDREW NATH: For someone like myself who had been away from academics for 20 years and had a family, this program was designed around my schedule.


ANDREW SARATA: I loved the creativity class. I have to do research and everything before I make a decision, typically. And this class really allow me just to kind of throw all that out the window and just use my creative side.


GEORGE DIAZ: One of the biggest assignments for the program is a leadership story that students write in the very first course of the program. This story is used throughout the program to evaluate how students are growing and developing as leaders-- to see the journey that they have gone through in their leadership. Students are able to see the benefits of this program immediately after completing and reading each assignment. But also, when they complete the program, they are able to put the different layers of leadership together to enhance their current or future work environments.


ANDREW NATH: There are certain classes that had a learning experience that I went right back to my organization with.


ANDREW SARATA: I've explained some of the concepts in class to my employees. So therefore, they're able to grasp it as well. Being able to do my whole program on an iPad was really interesting to me. The Engage app is fantastic in the sense that you can integrate it in everything you're doing.


GEORGE DIAZ: Based on current trends, we're using the technology that is being used in businesses to connect. We use technology to help students access their coursework in any mobile device in order to connect with their professors and their peers.


ANDREW SARATA: We're very much a community, even though we've never met. Just using the concepts that I've learned in the organization leadership program has really helped me become the leader that I am today, and I want to be in the future.

Tuition is affordable, financial aid is available, GRE or GMAT scores not required and the program can be completed in 24 months.

Digital Credentialing

As part of our commitment to your success Saint Mary’s is offering an opportunity for you to be awarded digital credentials or digital badges. The badges are a graphic representation of your achievement after completing a specific course or graduate certificate program.


Schools of Graduate and Professional Programs Graduate Certificate Badge, Saint Mary's University of Minnesota


For each successful course completion in the Finance, Human Resource Management or Project Management graduate certificate programs a digital badge will be awarded. Once the graduate certificate has been completed your achievement will be recognized with a certificate completion badge. Learn more.


M.A. in Organizational Leadership Curriculum

This distinctive curriculum will show you how to be a:

  • Learning leader who possesses awareness, critical thinking skills, and ethics
  • Connected leader who can successfully communicate, build relationships, and collaborate
  • Adaptive leader who can innovate, be creative, and navigate complexity and ambiguity
  • Global leader who understands geopolitical and economic environments, demonstrates intercultural awareness, and successfully navigates cultural complexity
  • Strategic leader who can make decisions, manage knowledge, and employ the art and science of analysis

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