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M.A. in Educational Leadership — 100% Online

Now, more than ever, educators - like you - need to learn to lead and manage change

Why Choose an Online Master of Arts in Educational Leadership Degree with Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota?

  • Program can be completed in under 2 years
  • Program focuses on becoming an agent of change and what it takes to be a transformational leader
  • The evolving curriculum provides current and relevant courses for management and training skills, as well as research
  • GRE or GMAT scores not required.

The online Master of Arts in Educational Leadership is a flexible, affordable master’s program that develops your leadership ability and teaches you how to help others reach their full potential, whether it’s in a classroom or corporate environment. The online program can be completed in as few as 22 months, and consists of 33 credit hours.


Core Courses
EL600 – Orientation and Writing Assessment (0 credits)
EL602– Facilitation Through Communication (3 credits)
EL603 – Foundations of Educational Leadership (3 credits)
EL613 – Fundamentals of Management (3 credits)
EL622 – Supervision (3 credits)
EL623 – Curriculum and Instruction (3 credits)
EL630 – Educational Research (3 credits)
EL633 – Ethics and Law (3 credits)
EL634 – Action Research Project (3 credits)
EL652 – Adult Learning (3 credits)
EL662 – Promoting Change (3 credits)
EL670 – Multicultural Leadership and Team Building (3 credits)

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CRAIG SUNDBERG: The emphasis of the program deals with getting the student ready for the leadership positions, looking at management, looking at foundations of leadership. Communication skills, both verbal, written, technical. We look at the process of change. We look at administration. And we look at coach and team building.


EMILY MCDONALD: There's a focus on how to do research to work towards continuous improvement in any organization.


HILLARY ROGERS: The program has helped develop my leadership skills by allowing me to really delve into my tendencies as a leader.


EMILY MCDONALD: We have a wide variety of backgrounds in our programs, including K-12 education professionals, nursing and health care professionals, and those from private organizations.


CRAIG SUNDBERG: Real time learning occurs any time a student can say that they've taken the skills and they've taken what they've learned in the course and actually become better at what they're doing.


EMILY MCDONALD: Whether we're working on change or whether we're working on research, students have an opportunity to bring that back to their current environment, and apply that learning in a real life situation.


HILLARY ROGERS: In my current job, I've been able to apply many of the skills that I've learned. I'm able to think about what skills are really needed to lead the team that I work with.


EMILY MCDONALD: Being in an online program allows students to get the high levels of learning and interaction basically from home.


HILLARY ROGERS: You can go straight home from work, and you can work on your classes as needed. And it's really manageable. In terms of time, you can still have your career while you are working on your education.


My experience with the faculty at St. Mary's has been amazing. The teachers have been really supportive.


EMILY MCDONALD: When talking with students who have graduated from the program, one of the things that they have appreciated is having instructors that have some real life experience out in the organizations. In addition, we have a number of opportunities here at the university for students to be able to network, and potentially, make connections that could lead to future employment opportunities.


HILLARY ROGERS: Through this program I've really been able to learn how much I enjoy being a leader, as well as leading a diverse group of people.


CRAIG SUNDBERG: Any time where leaders are in a position of teaching or training, this program would be very valuable for them.

Learn How To

  • Apply management and supervisory practice to leadership roles.
  • Effectively use personal coaching and communication to spark change.
  • Examine policy through an ethical lens.
  • Craft educational strategies for teams and learners of all ages.
  • Improve education through data analysis and research.
  • Focus on innovation, creativity, and diversity to strengthen learning outcomes.

To learn more, contact an enrollment counselor at 877-308-9954 or use the Request More Information form on this page.


1Courses listed may not reflect all current degree requirements as published in Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota’s Course Catalog. Contact an enrollment counselor today for more information about this program.


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