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Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota offers online master’s degrees and graduate certificate programs created to enhance your current skills and give you new capabilities. Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, this top-ranked University offers technical, academic and professional support at every step of your educational journey.

Continue your education at a university ranked among “Best Colleges” by U.S. News and World Report.”1

Programs for Professional Advancement

Saint Mary’s University offers graduate degree and certificate programs for ambitious professionals. With 13 master’s degrees and 15 professional graduate certificates available online, Saint Mary’s combines educational excellence with flexible convenience.

2 Semesters Duration; 12 Credit Hours

Explore real-world case studies to practice and hone your soft accounting skills and become a more well-rounded accounting professional and marketable candidate for promotion or new career opportunities. You will have the opportunity to earn highly recognizable digital badges, stack credits towards the online Master of Science in Accounting (MSA) program, and count credits towards the CPA licensure exam.

2 Semesters duration; 15 credit hours

Learn innovative artificial intelligence concepts and methodologies you can apply in a variety of fields. This program features a hands-on curriculum that explores predictive modeling, data engineering, and the Internet of Things using a project-based approach.

2 Semesters duration; 15 credit hours

Gain the knowledge and skills you need to help your organization make data-driven decisions and optimize business processes. This program combines topics from computer and data science, business, project management, and communications to prepare you for in-demand careers.

3 Semesters duration; 15 credit hours

Prepare to bring different perspectives into your own classroom and other educational environments. As you move through the program you will engage with topics that focus on divergent, convergent, metacognitive, and synthesized modes of thinking.

2 Semesters duration; 15 credit hours

Prepare for leadership roles as you pursue a career in an infosec environment or continue your education with an MSCS graduate degree. Study topics that include operational strategies, risk management, and security architecture.

2 Semesters duration; 15 credit hours

Explore more technical topics in cybersecurity to offer protection on the back-end. Learn the network-oriented protection techniques that include intrusion detection, incident response, and network security. You can apply credits earned in the program toward the MSCS graduate degree.

2 Semesters duration; 12 credit hours

Access a hands-on curriculum that provides specialized knowledge and training in essential finance skill sets, including financial markets, security analysis, and portfolio management. Courses are taught by experienced faculty who are industry experts.

2 Semesters duration; 12 credit hours

Get the focused training you need to lead in a variety of healthcare settings. Learn the fundamentals of modern health and human services delivery and study topics. The credits you earn can be applied toward the M.A. in Health and Human Services Administration degree.

2 Semesters duration; 15 credit hours

Gain a deep understanding of the role data analysis plays in clinical and hospital operations. Use the latest industry tools and approaches to apply artificial intelligence techniques to improve patient care delivery and business functions.

2 Semesters duration; 12 credit hours

Acquire the human resources skills and approaches you need to be successful, including HR management, compensation and benefits, consulting, and employment law.

2 Semesters duration; 12 credit hours

Upskill your management credentials to gain the invaluable leadership qualities that can motivate and inspire a team of employees. The certificate program features four courses covering leadership and ethics, communication strategies, collaboration, and team building. You will earn a digital badge for each class within the certificate program, along with a badge for completing the entire four-course certificate.

2 Semesters duration; 12 credit hours

Learn the ropes of nonprofit management, including management, community engagement and collaboration, grant writing and financial management, and human resource management.

2 Semesters duration; 12 credit hours

Learn how to develop ethical and innovative strategies to solve complex business problems while positively impacting change for an entire organization and its workforce. Credits earned through the certificate program can be counted towards the larger M.A. in Organizational Leadership degree program if desired or can be stacked for credit towards several other Saint Mary’s University master’s programs.

2 Semesters duration; 12 credit hours

Gain foundational skills in project planning, resource management, stakeholder analysis, quality control, risk management, and more.

3 Semesters duration; 15 credit hours

Master the tools to facilitate the integrative technology learning process through a variety of collaborative and dynamic tools. Through your course of study, you will be able to apply a wide breadth of technology tools to improve your students’ learning experiences.

1 Year duration; 30 Credit Hours

Choose unique paths toward success in today’s competitive landscape with this accelerated MBA. The diverse curriculum of online courses, lecture series, and hands-on Capstone project is designed to provide a deeper understanding of contemporary issues impacting business today with a learning experience that’s immediately applicable and anything but typical.

2 Years duration; 33 Credit Hours

Learn what it takes to be a transformational leader and become an agent of change in education. The evolving curriculum of this M.A. in Educational Leadership provides current and relevant courses for management and training skills, as well as research.

2 years duration; 36 credit hours

Channel your passion to help others by developing the skills to lead in health and human services and face the complex day-to-day and strategic demands of helping others with this M.A. in Health & Human Services Administration.

2 years duration; 36 credit hours

Gain the breadth of knowledge higher-level human resource positions require. As you advance in your career, you’ll be able to effectively relate to all departments and people within your organization. This M.A. in Human Resource Management also prepares you for the PHR/SPHR certification.

2 years duration; 36 credit hours

Master the advanced critical thinking skills needed to lead, motivate, and inspire your organization’s employees through this M.A. of Organizational Leadership program. Learn to address situations in the workplace, provide strategic leadership, and position both your organization and your career for continued success.

20 months duration; 30 credit hours

By pairing technological insights with groundbreaking research, you can design educational solutions for diverse learners. Transform education by using instructional technology as a mind tool to enable learning, redefine instruction, and create individualized learning. This progressive M.Ed. in Learning Design and Technology program was designed by education leaders in partnership with Apple Inc.

2.5 Years duration; 42 credit hours

Examine how to improve health worldwide, prevent the spread of disease, promote equitable access to health services and more through this MPH program. Learn to help the public make long-lasting improvements in their physical, mental, and social well-being. Prepare to design, execute, and evaluate public health programs.


Gain in-depth knowledge of corporate responsibility, strategic planning, and loss prevention and become an accounting expert with this online M.S. in Accounting. While you earn your degree, you’ll gain the credits and knowledge required to sit for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam, as well as the Certified Management Accountant (CMA) certification.*

*Certification requirements vary by state.

1 year duration; 36 credit hours

Business intelligence and data analytics informs the decision-making of top executives. With this specialized skill set, you can uncover the root causes of organizational challenges, communicate with all stakeholders, and implement successful solutions. In this MSBIDA program, you’ll gain skills and knowledge directly applicable to the real world in business intelligence, artificial intelligence, big-data analytics, and presentation skills.

2 years duration; 36 credit hours

Build on your technology expertise with hands-on coursework in network security, risk management, and more with this M.S. in Cybersecurity. Cultivate the leadership skills to land a top-paying position and prevent the next cyberattack. Beyond technology fundamentals, you’ll learn a range of skills that are crucial to advancing your career. That includes communication, negotiation, and interrelation.


This degree is aligned with the PMI Guide’s Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) to teach you how to define, implement, evaluate, and lead initiatives from conception to completion. In the process, you will prepare for the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam to become a certified PMP. You’ll also gain the practical knowledge to add new value in your current role as you expand your leadership skills and broaden your horizons.

1 year duration; 30 credit hours

This 30-credit, CSWE accredited, track can save you time and money if you already hold a Bachelor of Social Work degree. The online MSW is a flexible, affordable program that prepares you to work as a social worker in clinical practice settings. You will participate in fieldwork experience at a program director-approved organization near you, so you can complete this program without relocating.

2-4 years duration**; 60 credit hours

Choose this track if you do not already hold a Bachelor of Social Work degree. The CSWE accredited online MSW is a flexible, affordable program that prepares you to work as a social worker in clinical practice settings. You will participate in fieldwork experience at a program director-approved organization near you, so you can complete this program without relocating.

Enriched by the Lasallian Catholic heritage, Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota awakens, nurtures, and empowers learners to ethical lives of service and leadership. The Saint Mary’s community, together and by association, is dedicated to quality, diversity, accessibility, social justice, and sound stewardship in all its endeavors.

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Online Convenience, On Point Outcomes

Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota is committed to providing excellence in education beyond the borders of the campus. You want to excel in your profession and to maximize your career, all while maintaining family and work responsibilities. Saint Mary’s online programs are offered in an easy-to-use format that allows for flexible scheduling and provides you with leading-edge knowledge and valuable credentials.

Curriculum Created for Success

Saint Mary’s online education degrees and certificates offer full academic and technical support. A dedicated faculty with professional and educational experience understand what it takes to build and sustain a career. That’s the focus of each program…to give you everything you need to succeed in the classroom or in the boardroom.

Give Your Career a Major Promotion

Calculating the value of earning a master’s degree or graduate certificate can be as easy as one simple question: are you considered qualified for the job you want with your current educational status? Many organizations require graduate degrees/certifications for certain positions. In instances where that requirement doesn’t exist, moving into management or administration without a master’s degree generally takes longer and holds you at a lower income during that time.

On the other hand, a master’s degree or graduate certificate meets and often exceeds most management and administration hiring requirements. Earning a master’s degree in a business- or education-related discipline can also boost your income considerably.

2021 Median Wage Master’s vs. Bachelor’s Degree2

  • Financial services professionals 89% higher
  • Logisticians 52% higher
  • Market specialists 38% higher
  • Education administrators 44% higher

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*MBA program only; GRE scores not required. GMAT scores are required only if you have fewer than 2 years of work experience.

**Duration and credit ranges depending on program options.